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Why outsorce in Bulgaria?

The right outsorcing decision can bring a lot of benefits for your company. more

Go green, do it online!

Online surveys are the green solution that will save you time and money. more

Who we are?

Bright Marketing Research was found in December 2009 in Sofia, Bulgaria. We take care of all operational and project management aspects of the market research business while our clients can focus on research design and data interpretation. In all areas we rely on professionals with strong background in online market research.

Our experience completes the cycle starting from programming, quality control, fieldwork management to data delivery.  Client satisfaction is our TOP priority regarding all services we offer. Our clients can rely on our top-level survey programmers, team of experienced Project Managers and Data Specialists to help them gain valuable market insight on time.

We also pride ourselves for our passion and commitment about every project from the very beginning to the very end.

We are experienced...we are fast learning...and we are young and innovative...

Why us?

It is hard to speak for ourselves but here is what we hear from others:

- from programming to data delivery and everything in between, we've got you covered!
Commitment - we care about your projects and what results you will get at the end!
Experience - we have over 9 years of experience in online market research with clients all over the world - this isn't our first time on the field!
Motivation – we love complex projects, that's what makes our life bright and interesting so please share with us!
Responsiveness - we are there when you need us and always on time for you, 24x7 hours 365 days!
Creativity - we believe anything can be done just with the right thinking, try us!
Passion - we love our job and working with our clients, our goal is you to share the same feelings for us!
Results - ask around: we deliver what you've asked for by the time we said we will!
Cost - exceed client's expectations; either by increasing revenue or decreasing expenses!

Now the only thing left is you to decide and contact us