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  • 05.11.2012 | Movember

    Bright team has always been compassionate to the major social activities. With a great enthusiasm we are joining the cause Movembar (, an initiative to support the often ignored issue of men’s health. Not willing to leave it all by chance, the company will donate money for every grown mustache during the month, while women can invite their partners and relatives to participate! Because the cause is worth hopefully the amount collected will be significant! On our Facebook page you will find photos of enthusiasts at the beginning of the month, but I am sure you will want to look in the end of November too!

  • 01.11.2012 | Let's make Facebook Bright

    We are finally joining Facebook sociaty to share opinion, ideas and photos. Become our friend on:!/BrightMarketingResearch?fref=ts

  • 30.03.2012 | Fifth office already opened

    It is the largest one and that explains why it took us so much time and energy to make it ready. Now, we walk around the large space and tall windows and see it was worth! Looking forward for the new colleagues to come and join our team!

  • 18.12.2011 | Joyful Christmas party 2011

    This year Christmas party was very emotional with nearly two times more colleagues than 2010 party!

    We did give some rewards to every team’s best achievement from the past year. Now, they nicely hang on the walls around the office to make us proud of the past and even more motivated for the upcoming year.

    The surprise cake for the bosses is obviously turning into tradition! We all love it not only because it is always yummy to eat but also because it is as sweet as working in our company! Thank you all and lets wish ourselves our hard work always goes with smile and ends with a cake!



  • 12.11.2011 | Special November

    We do not know exactly how special November is in general but it definitely is for us! What would November be without some special... TEAMBUILDING?

    During this winter month, BMR held its second team building event at Lion Hotel, Borovets. Whether the team motivation was increased we can surely confirm but more important was the fact that all of the tasks that the team had to solve were passed with no issues and great success from all 4 teams. What other apparently evidence we can provide for a good, strong and hardworking people together? Maybe on next company event...

  • 26.09.2011 | Upcoming SKIM/Sawtooth Annual Event 2011 - Conference

    Our conjoint experts are all set for the upcoming SKIM/Sawtooth event that will happen 25-28.10.2011. We will meet well known faces as well as brand new and exchange thoughts and problems. The SKIM/Sawtooth Event isn't regular quantitative research gathering. It combines an open environment for knowledge and experience sharing with social activities.

    At this event, marketing researchers, consultants, academics, developers and methodologists meet to present and discuss their ideas, advances in the market research tools, applications, techniques and methodologies and to reveal new research solutions. We are eager to learn about Sawtooth’s new Menu-based-Choice (MBC)-software-methodology, CBC highlights, issues and etc. It’s always nice to know more!

  • 29.07.2011 | We have a new website!

    Our website is ready! We are proud to say all services listed on our website have been available for at least an year and we already have gathered strong teams who are real professionals in their areas! It is great to be a member of such a team so we are happy to announce this loudly on our website!

  • 28.07.2011 | Asia Training

    Software training team finished the training in Asia. The preparations and the presentation of the necessary materials appeared to be very helpful for the good end result.

  • 27.07.2011 | New office opening

    We are starting to furniture 4th office! It is large, with tall windows and a great, green view to mountain Vitosha. We are excited to have it ready in the next months.

  • 18.12.2010 | Great Time Celebrating Christmas

    We had a great time celebrating Christmas in Marmo. Everybody came smiley and ready to party. Thank you team for the wonderful surprise with the One Year Party cake for our bosses, it is marvelous to know there is love and respect between the team and the boss, we all appreciate this and will work together to keep it that way!